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Vascular Clamp

vascular clamp is a surgical tool used to block blood flow in surgical areas. And they are ready to stop the flow of blood through a cut or fractured arteries. Vascular clamps are made of certain types of surgical and rigid materials, usually of high-quality chrome steel and strong plastics. They have flat, curved, or flattened tips attached to the vein. The wire is held in situ by a group of metal “teeth” at the very top of the fence that is pressed together and locked in place.

The Vascular Clamp is designed for optimal use in cardiothoracic surgical procedures that require vessels. This grip will be equipped with DeBakey teeth which gives it great grip strength while protecting the ship’s walls from damage due to the grip.

This instrument is hand-made by certified instrument makers to turn the advanced levels of musical instruments. Additionally, this call is present with two different angles: 50 and 85 degrees and the smallest or largest of the jaw makes it possible to seek the appropriate obligation for the entire patient size and condition.

During surgery to treat a brain aneurysm, the arteria carotis clamp may be more likely to temporarily stop blood flow through the arteria carotis. An aneurysm occurs when an artery is enlarged due to weakness within the vessel wall. Injury to the artery itself can sometimes occur if the tightening is too tight, and from this, the surgeon usually closes the tight and gently tighten. Sometimes a soft vein will be used. This is where the reinforcing tips are covered with a foam-like fabric or rubber.

De-Bakey Vascular Clamp

Debakey vascular clamp is used to bind blood vessels through various surgical procedures. Special jaw connections prevent tissue damage. The De-Bakey clamp has the following variations;

Satinsky De-Bakey Vascular Clamp

It is used for small or complete blockage of blood vessels, especially Vena Cava. This grip maintains the desired phase and blood continues to flow to the unplanned side. Available in a variety of sizes.

De-Bakey Derra Vascular Clamp

It is used to block blood flow by partial closure that flows across the aorta, arteries, and blood vessels during surgery. Slightly curved jaws with atraumatic serrations help to create an anastomotic connection. It has many variations.

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