Queen Square Reflex Hammer

Queen Square Reflex Hammer


Get best Queen Square reflex hammer which is used by specialists for testing abnormalities in the Central or Peripheral Nervous System (CNS/PNS).

Its improvement consolidates a fixed plastic handle with a base, which enables reflex testing, and around the versatile rings made of strong plastic. The Queen Square Hammerhead is vanquished with an Aluminum Anodized plate scored to house the flexible collar. The weighted head and sensitive versatile collar are fit in impelling myotatic responses. The Handle includes a slender fixing handle.

The fixed point is fitting for moving plantar and stomach responses. It was at first made with bamboo or stick the handle of evolving length, of ordinary 10 to 16 inches (25 to 40 centimeters), joined to a 2-inch (5 centimeters) metal plate with a plastic guard.

The Queen Square mallet is similarly now made with plastic molds, and habitually has a sharp fixed finish to consider testing of plantar reflexes anyway this isn’t, now endorsed in light of fixed tainting control. It is the reflex sledge of choice of the UK sensory system subject matter expert.

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