Surgical pliers

Surgical Pliers are hand apparatuses intended to hold protests immovably for twisting and compacting materials or to control little or awkward objects. Surgical pliers comprise of a couple of metal switches joined at support, making short jaws and longer handles, which amplifies the power of the hand’s hold.

Surgical Pliers are utilized for cutting, curving, and creasing wires, eliminating pins, holding, and taking care of tissue, among numerous different capacities during hand Surgical activities. Pliers can be utilized for numerous reasons, yet most altogether they ought to be in line and have a smooth grasp on them. There is an immense range of orthopedic Pliers, for example, Plier with Lock, X-fragile Pliers With Groove. Wire Extraction Pliers, Universal Pliers, Nose Plier, Flat Nose Pliers, Cerclage Pliers, Pin Puller Pliers With Groove, Slip Joint Pliers, Long Jaw Pliers, Narrow Nose Pliers”, Round Nose Pliers, Wire Bending Pliers ” With Notched Jaw, Cerclage Bending Pliers ” With Slotted Jaw, Slim Weingart Plierand, Needle Nose Pliers. They’re additionally used to harden the wires or cut wires in surgeries.

Slip Joint Pliers

Slip Joint Pliers are remarkably intended to have a support that can be moved to adjust the jaws’ reach subsequently making it more adaptable. The handles of these forceps are finished which considers a more viable holding surface and diminishes slippage. A wide range of muscular methods require the option of wire for added steadiness and backing, for example, guess in a crack fix. Also, this instrument is accessible in two unique lengths 6″ or 8″. 

Slip Joint Pliers are generally utilized in fixing the bones, wires, or pins in the ideal spot. They have various varieties, so you can pick your preferred best one, relies on the careful need and type.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Size: Any size
Material: High carbon steel
Color: customizable
Application: Tighten the screws
Package: Blow case or Plastic box
Customizable logo: Upon request of the customer.
Place of origin: Pakistan

Slim Weingart Pliers

Slim Weingart pliers are made with 100% stainless steel provide great access and versatility. These versatile utility pliers with serrations are useful for the placement and removal of archwires. As an extension to your hands its serrated tips allow you a better grip and accessibility into tight spaces that are not possible with hands. These pliers help guide the archwires through actual tubes and into brackets with ease.

Product Features:

  1. Easier access to difficult areas
  2. Lifetime guaranty against material defects (lifetime here refers to the life of the product)
  3. Stainless steel inserts (Make sure to clean the wire cuts every time before using)
  4. Ergonomic handle for better grip
  5. Highly oxidization resistance
  6. Precise time alignment
  7. Heat sterilized up to 180’C
  8. Made in Pakistan

Primary Advantages:

  1. Service
  2. Prompt Delivery
  3. Quality Approvals
  4. Reputation
  5. Brand-name Parts
  6. Origin
  7. Guarantee/Warranty

M ismaeel brothers manufacturer and exporter of different dental instruments and surgical instruments since 1980.

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