Weighted Speculum

A weighted speculum is a clinical instrument used to open the vagina for visual investigation during a surgery. The bulbous weighted finish of the speculum is embedded into the vagina before the beginning of the activity and left set up for the rest of the technique. There are two kinds of weighted speculums, the customary model and an explained adaptation. A few methods might require the specialist to utilize an assortment of speculum sizes during a solitary activity.

Conventional weighted speculums are molded uniquely in contrast to the normal speculum utilized during most gynecological tests. It has an adjusted substantial end with an empty notch that prompts the cutting edge or spoon of the speculum, where it twists at a 90° point. The heaviest segment of the speculum is put farthest once more into the vagina, getting the speculum set up. This permits the specialist opportunity of development to finish the method.

Auvard Weighted Vaginal Speculum

Careful Berlind-Auvard Weighted Vaginal Speculum is utilized in obstetrics and gynecology techniques. The instrument includes a limited half-edge at a right point to the weighted handle to keep the vaginal channel open and free the specialist’s hands for different assignments.

Single-end vaginal speculum generally utilized in OB/GYN methods like vaginal hysterectomy or enlargement and curettage

Features a right-calculated, long, thin 4-1/4″ x 1-5/8″ edge with a 2-1/2 pound weight

The weight holds the speculum set up to give an open view

Uses of Weighted speculum

The conventional weighted speculum is essential to be used in a specific manner to decrease the risk of the instrument falling and injuring the feet of the surgeon. Before it tends to be embedded into the patient’s vagina, a lady should lie on an assessment table and spot her feet into the stirrups joined to the furthest limit of the test table. The round weighted finish of the speculum is set inside the vaginal waterway while the patient is on her back, permitting the specialist to see a reasonable visual of the cervix and the inside of the vagina without the speculum leaving the vagina.

Features of Weighted Speculum


A specific type of vaginal speculum is the weighted speculum, which comprises a wide half-cylinder that is twisted at around a 90-degree point, with the channel of the cylinder on the outside side of the point. One finish of the cylinder has a generally circular metal weight encompassing the channel of the speculum. A weighted speculum is set in the vagina during a vaginal medical procedure with the patient in the lithotomy position. The weight holds the speculum set up and liberates the specialist’s hands for different errands. A vaginal speculum is additionally utilized in ripeness medicines, especially planned impregnation, and permits the vaginal depression to be opened and noticed in this manner working with the store of semen into the vagina.

Vaginal specula are likewise utilized for a butt-centric medical procedure, albeit a few different types of butt-centric specula exist. One structure, the anoscope, looks like a cylinder that has a removable slug-formed supplement. When the anoscope is embedded into the rear-end, the supplement expands the rear-end to the measurement of the cylinder. The supplement is then eliminated, passing on the cylinder to permit assessment of the lower rectum and rear-end.

This style of the butt-centric speculum is perhaps the most established plan for careful instruments still being used, with models going back numerous hundreds of years. The sigmoidoscope can be additionally exceptional into the lower digestive system and requires an endoscopic setup.

Advantages of Weighted Speculum


One more benefit of the articulated speculum is that the cutting edges are made of plastic. Numerous vaginal surgeries require the utilization of power to close up the tissue as the activity continues. Utilizing a metal weighted speculum might make the power make an association, or circular segment, to the metal of the careful device and may harm the fragile vaginal tissues. The explained speculum highlights plastic sharp edges that are non-conductive, eliminating the danger of a physical issue caused by undesirable electrical bends towards the metal edges of a customary weighted speculum.

An explained it is flexible to the necessities of the singular patient. It very well may be modified to accomplish three unique lengths and points, taking out the need to switch weighted speculums during a solitary method. The metal handle of this weighted speculum is cleaned in the middle of employments on various patients. Dispensable plastic ribbed cutting edges are accessible in three sizes. Effortlessly joined to the careful steel handle during a vaginal medical procedure. The ribbing on the edges additionally considers simpler inclusion into the vagina, now and again the patient might have the option to unwind without putting her feet into the stirrups as the explained weighted speculum is embedded.


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