Suction irrigators

During laparoscopic procedures, when irrigation is required, suction irrigators are used. These suction irrigators provide surgeons a large range of options to use in laparoscopic procedures. Their traditional trumpet-grip handle provides easiness to all sizes of hands. The flow of suction and irrigation is being controlled by a trumpet valve and they are sometimes color coded for their easy identification.

The suction irrigators are used to enhance visibility for the surgeon during a laparoscopic procedure. During a laparoscopic procedure, when bleeding starts, due to the dark color of blood it absorbs most of the light. So surgeon needs to suck it up so that to have a vision inside the cavity. That is when suction irrigators are used. They enhance and improve operative techniques. Suction irrigators can also be used for blunt di-section.


Different sizes of suction irrigators should be used in different situations.
Suction irrigators are easy to set up and use. They have ergonomic grip and promote an efficient turnover of the operating room.

House Suction-Irrigation Tube

House suction irrigation tube is a tool that is used in ear pathology operations. The combined suction irrigation allows the surgeon to remove foreign materials and rinse them from the middle ear quickly and mastoid air cells. The tube is available in multiple different sizes depending on the doctor’s needs.
They are made of high grade German stainless steel, they offer durability. They can be reusable after sterilization. Also, house suction irrigators don’t require high maintenance as they are made up of high-quality grade stainless steel material. This material keeps them lightweight and rust-free.

Mismaeel brothers proved to offer an extensive range of these instruments and are known to be leaders in the industry. The instruments are always tested by surgeons and approved by them. Thus the results always get perfect.

Suction Irrigation Tube

These suction irrigation tubes used in neurosurgery procedures. They are highly technical and advanced processes. These tubes are tested upon different series of tests to ensure their all performances. Mismaeel brothers provide these suction and irrigation tubes at industry rates.
These tubes are low maintenance as they are made of stainless steel with high quality grade. These tubes provide high grade quality.

Endoscopic Suction-irrigation Set

These are easy flood removal and irrigation set used in endoscopic surgery. These are cost effective used in endoscopic procedures where suction without irrigation is necessary.

High Capacity Tubing

They help in the open gateway for easy flow of fluids and masses through the entire system, virtually eliminating clogging.

Button Control Type Irrigators

They are equipped with an ergonomic handpiece that fits into either the left or the right hand.
They help in preventing leakage while during operation. The two color buttons facilitate the proper identification of suction and irrigation lines.
These suction irrigators also have affordable versions that can be used by attaching a high volume syringe to the lower local part.

About our manufacturing:

M Ismaeel Brothers have always been promising to their commitments with their clients. We never compromised the quality of the product. In order to prevent defects, quality is checked at every stage of the manufacturing of products. We produce good-quality suction irrigators and all other sorts of surgical instruments. Having experience in producing surgical instruments since the 1980’s M Ismael brothers are not one of the well-known manufacturers in the surgical and dental instruments industry. In addition, we have a professional supply chain system that delivers products safely and efficiently to the client’s door.

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