Irrigation Cannula

An irrigation cannula is utilized for applying or suctioning fluids when cleaning wounds. Contingent upon the motivation behind use, water system cannulas are accessible as straight or bowed and have a Luer connector for use with all normally disposable syringes.


Cannulas are vacant treated steel tubes that are used to introduce both the arthroscope and a couple of instruments into the joint. There are a few kinds of cannulas, and their purpose is to keep up the portal; secure the degree, instruments, and delicate tissue; and fill in as an approach to present or eliminate water system liquid from the joint. Scope cannulas are matched to the size of the arthroscope and are for the most part around 2 mm bigger in measurement than the extension. Instrument cannulas are discretionary for use and come in numerous breadths. A few instruments don’t fit through a cannula well, and now and again instrument cannulas really meddle with the development of the instrument inside the joint. irrigation cannulas are like the degree cannula in distance across and have ports on the sides just as an open end.

For Aspirating Liquids

Irrigation cannula is totally made of metal, which implies it tends to be effortlessly sanitized and cleaned, while an expendable cannula can’t. The adjusted tip of the water system cannula has an opening through which fluids can be applied or suctioned. Ordinarily, water system cannulas are utilized for wound cleaning or for suctioning fluids from open injuries. The twisted water system cannula is suggested for use with Angled injury holes. 

irrigation cannulas frequently come into use in dental practice, in spite of the fact that they are likewise applied in different disciplines, for example, the ENT. The Luer connector makes irrigation cannulas valuable with all regular dispensable needles.

Irrigation Cannula Straight with Luer lock 

These rust proof irrigation cannulas produced using hardened steel are particularly appropriate for use in dental procedures, yet can likewise be utilized all in all medication. They can be utilized related to an expendable needle for the pull of little amounts of fluids. 

The irrigation cannula can be fitted on all standard business disposable syringes and can be made sure about onto Luer lock needles with a delicate turning movement.

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