Surgical Saws

Surgical Saws are much of the time utilized for surgeries including orthopedic medical procedures and different tasks requiring cutting of bone. 

Careful saws intended to cut the bone and other hard tissue, driven by electric (either line or battery) power. These saws are normally little handheld, fueled instruments with an electric engine to drive a swaying, responding, or sagittal sharp edge. Bone a medical procedure electric saws are utilized in orthopedic, cardiothoracic, and other surgeries. 

These instruments associate with an electric handpiece framework to give the capacity to the specific cutting edges. Distinctive handpiece and edge arrangements are accessible to various clinical circumstances. Make certain to have all the legitimate hardware set up and suitable preparing prior to utilizing a bone saw for dental or oral surgeries.

Surgical Saws & Satterlee Saws

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Satterlee Bone Saw

Satterlee Saw Bone Saw is an instrument intended to cut through bone. This saw includes a handle that is combined with an enormous edge which gives it an exceptional degree of solidarity and solidness. The enormous sharp edge plan of this saw makes it appropriate for sawing through bones of a bigger measurement and size. This instrument can be bought as the edge just or complete.

Bergmann Plaster Saw 

Bergmann Plaster Saw Bone Saw is designed to reduce through bone tissue. Bergmann Plaster Saw is made through a rectangle knife this is certainly serrated a curved cycle handle to make use of to reduce through plaster casts.

Engel Plaster Saw

Engel Plaster Saw is arranged with a half circle, serrated sharp edge with a circle molded handle for slicing through the mortar. The sharp edge is high-grade tempered steel and the handle is chrome covered with a length of 15 CM. 

Engel Plaster Saw is undeniably appropriate for use in cutting mortar. This can be especially valuable in slicing through projects that have been set in a bone crack fix. An assortment of muscular surgeries requires the arrangement of a mortar cast to set the bones in the appropriate direction while the mending cycle happens. The saw is created from stainless steel and is explicitly intended to successfully slice through this material without dulling the sharp edge.

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