Nasal Speculum

These are indicative gear intended for medical use. This makes diagnosing issues less muddled and helps in careful strategies. The Nasal Speculum permits the nasal entry to be obviously observed by a doctor. Look over different measured, excellent, hardened steel nasal speculums appropriate for use by specialists and family practice doctors.


This is a medicated instrument that is regularly utilized for rhinoscopy in the ENT practice. The speculum is built so that the branches are spread by squeezing the handles together; in this manner permitting the nasal dividers to be spread separately.

This permits the specialist to more effectively test the mucous layer, septum, or nose muscles. Moreover, the nasal speculum makes it simpler to embed and control instruments in the nasal inside. Nasal specula are frequently furnished with a spring component with which the weight can be all the more precisely applied.

An instrument used to enlarge the kickoff of a nostril so within can be all the more effortlessly observed. “Speculum” is the Latin word for reflect.

How to Use in Surgeries

This instrument used to make surgeries simpler. It amplifies the sinus region, so it very well may be obviously noticed.

An endoscope or other careful gadgets would then be able to be utilized with no checks. The specialist is then ready to get to certain sinus zones, and simultaneously, he can likewise have two hands allowed to address any issues.

Some Common Types

Types are given below;

  • Hartmann Nasal Speculum
  • Mltano Nasal Speculum
  • Sims Nasal Speculum
  • Watsuji Nasal Speculum

These are some types that are used for surgeries in hospital operation theaters to make surgeries easier.

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